The Disney Reef at Great Ormond Street Hospital

The purpose was to create a place of happiness, distraction and reflection for the young patients and their families.  Studio EG was asked to design a lighting scheme which would enchant the 600+ patients who visit the hospital every day, creating everlasting memories. 

The treasure chest has an amber sparkle wheel to give the appearance of shimmering gold, and the clam shell incorporates a cool white slow shimmer.  These subtle yet spellbinding features give real visual interest.

To differentiate the teen zone without a physical barrier, we proposed bathing this area in blue light.

A huge image of Peter Pan's shadow is projected onto the facade of the hospital after the hours of darkness, giving the inpatients a source of comfort over night.

All fittings are concealed from view and out of reach, to create a safe and comfortable environment for children with specialist needs.